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Community All-Hands

We have just announced the $2 Million Dollar Algorand Trailblazer Bounty Program to seed two million dollars worth of Algo into bounties and grants distributed over the course of two years, via leading bounties platform Gitcoin.

As the newest layer-1 protocol to be supported by Gitcoin, Algorand will provide opportunities for developers and non-developers to earn Algo by completing bounty tasks designated by the Algorand team and community. The technical complexity of the development bounties offered will be varied, to suit both seasoned developers, and budding web2 developers looking to cut their teeth on simpler contributions in the web3 space. In parallel, the Foundation marketing team has conceived a host of creative and community-building bounties to allow community members to contribute their talents and earn Algo rewards.

The partnership will also allow the vibrant Gitcoin community to discover the opportunities available within the Algorand ecosystem. 

We are delighted to be joined by Gitcoin Founder, Kevin Owocki to discuss Gitcoin, Bounties and our $2M Algorand Trailblazer Bounty Program. This session will cover; 

  • A warm welcome to the Algorand Ecosystem to the Gitcoin community.
  • Discuss how Gitcoin is building an internet that is open source, collaborative, and economically empowering.
  • Share information about Gitcoin’s Governance Token
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Kevin Owock, Gitcoin Founder

Kevin Owocki

Gitcoin Founder